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youth ambassadors

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The goal of Youth Ambassadors is to provide opportunities for youth in the Flint community to develop life and leadership skills. Throughout the program, participants have the opportunity to explore and advance. Our program is designed to support youth develop and address violent behaviors, truancy, suspensions, low academic achievement and other challenge areas.


We have successfully impacted the lives of young people

throughout the city of Flint by motivating and encouraging them to value their lives, the other lives of others, and their community.


Our work is never ending. We are committed to helping youth throughout Flint establish a path toward a successful, healthy, happy future.  

       "Be the Change"


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We're excited to know that you are interested in joining Youth Ambassadors! Applying is easy and takes less than 5 minutes. Please click here to begin the process. 

Need to print? You can download the application here.

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