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Youth Ambassadors

“ I joined Youth Ambassadors a few months ago and it’s a program that I want to be apart until I graduate high school, and even after.” ~ Darious Adams , Youth Ambassador 


Our goal is to provide opportunities for the most promised youth in our community to change their behaviors, attitudes, and perspective on life, in hopes of addressing increased violent behaviors, truancy, suspensions, and low academic achievement. To impact the lives of young people in a positive way by motivating and encouraging them value their lives, others’ lives as well as their community. To challenged youth to be their own agents of change, establishing hope and belief in their own ability to succeed and live a healthy, happy, prosperous life.

“When I think of the organization Youth Ambassadors, it reminds of something bigger than oneself. Being able to be a Co-Director of such a movement, it’s truly an honor. Youth Ambassadors provides the following, a safe haven, exposure, opportunity, love. 

I’ve found out from leading these young people the solution to decreasing the north side of Flint, MI is not giving up on them but simply showing them love and care. Because due to the lack of support or love they’re not getting at home that’s what their really seeking when they act out in school or the streets. 

Myself and Tychelle Sparks has made it our duty to not only show them love but to also expose them to the world outside of what they see everyday. That’s the amazing part about the “Beauty of Exposure” once you’ve been exposed to something your mind can never go back to how it was before.”


~ Dennis Williams-Mitchell, Co-Director 

Youth Ambassadors news

Youth Ambassadors often get recognized by the public for their exceptional character and the work they do in the community. 

2021 Youth Ambassador of the Year says growing up in Flint built his character

Kameron Motley, 17, believes his best quality is his ability to speak up. When he sees something wrong or feels like something needs to be addressed, he takes the extra step to make sure everything is accounted for. “I advocate for people my age-the youth,” Motley said. Others describe Motley as motivational, loud, kind and thoughtful.

Motley has a 3.7 grade point average at Carman-Ainsworth High School. He is also a University of Michigan-Flint dual enrollment student.

For his future career, Motley is considering public health and also likes the idea of becoming an entrepreneur. He also likes environmental research.

Motley is president of the Youth Ambassadors Organization, a branch of WOW Outreach. He is also a student council board member at his school. He is a National Honor Society student and a Flint Youth Justice League member.


New York Times features Flint teen for her Ivy League aspirations

Jamie Sherrod, AnnMarie Kent

A local teen is hoping to continue her education at one of the top colleges in the nation. She was featured in a New York Times article focusing on a program that introduces underprivileged students to Ivy League coursework.

“Being poor is just a mindset because we’re always rich up here,” Latisha Jones said.


Antonio Sweeney is 16, so he can’t vote yet. But he spent Election Day helping at the polls.

By ABC12 News Staff

Published: Nov. 6, 2020 at 6:32 PM CST

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