The third Saturday of June for 19 years, WOW has remembered and celebrated the lives of our Flint neighbors who have lost their lives to violence. At the same time we have consoled and acknowledged the intense trauma that family and friends have continued to experience along with the loss of their loved one.  


2021 will find WOW again hosting the March and Expo. Twenty years of ensuring that Flint does not forget, and that Flint is reminded of the violence that must be addressed in Flint.


It provides a venue and purpose for youth, adults, law enforcement, and many other partners to work together to heighten awareness of the need to address violence in the community.  The Expo educates and strengthens individuals and families about community resources, inspires community compassion, and engages residents in actions to reduce violence in their neighborhoods.


We seek to engage, unite and encourage individuals and

groups from culturally diverse backgrounds to get involved

and to make a positive difference in someone’s life. Come with us to rally for peace, pay tribute to those loss to violence, build relationships and connect with others to decrease violence, increase safety and improve neighborhood conditions. 

Teen Summit

Youth are the voice and driving force for identifying and implementing solutions to address safety, health, education, and hope for the future. The aim of the summit is to help area youth devise strategies to overcome challenges and obstacles which may interfere with their overall success. To date, over 500 youth have participated, of which 20 have committed to serve as ambassadors to engage other youth, organize future summits and safety efforts, and play a leadership role in this youth-driven event.

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