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Youths are the voice and driving force for identifying and implementing solutions to address safety, health, and education. They are our hope and leaders for the future. The Youth Summit is a back-to-school annual gathering is to helps Flint teens devise strategies to overcome obstacles which may interfere with their overall success. 


To date, over 500 youth have participated, of which 20 have committed to serve as ambassadors to engage other youth, organize future summits and safety efforts, and play a leadership role in this youth-driven event.


Since 2018, the teens of our community have organized this motivational day-long summits. The August event includes workshops on leadership, conflict resolution and other topics relevant to young people as they head back to school in a few weeks. In additional, dance and sports breaks, lunch and a college/career fair keep the students engaged and energizes them as they seize their futures and follow their paths.

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