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WOW Outreach Programs 


Clean and Green 


Each year, WOW Outreach works with 50 young people, and one adult professional lawn expert to maintain 90 properties through north Flint.  


These vacant properties have been abandoned by the owners and stripped by looters. 


Tall grass


Broken windows 

Piles of trash 

and much more are regularly eliminated by our team to create a safe and more attractive community. 


Through an adult/youth mentorship plan, WOW has been able to recruit and train youths who become team leaders. As leaders, they schedule and manage maintenance teams, timesheets and payroll. Small business management skills are taught to all involved in the program.

Community Action Network 

Community grassroot, non-profit, and service agencies come together every other month on the second Saturday of the month to update one another on activities that invite collaboration for the benefit of all Flint residents. Rarely have these meetings ended without immediate actions that find these groups contributing to the needs of others or other collaborations resulting, followed immediately by actions rather than just more talk.


It is a platform to address these current community concerns. Residents use their personal and organizational assets to create action for positive change by using solution-driven methods and best practices.  Using the Strategic Doing Module, participants identify problems, define  opportunities by connecting assets, leveraging resources, and personal strengths. Instead of looking for problem solvers elsewhere, they recognize that leadership stems from within and is an open network where partners equally share responsibility. 


You are welcome to be part of the solution.

Your community organization is welcome to be part of the solution.

Please join us on the second Saturday of every other month. See the current schedule here.


Teen Summit 

Youths are the voice and driving force for identifying and implementing solutions to address safety, health, and education. They are our hope and leaders for the future. The Youth Summit is a back-to-school annual gathering is to helps Flint teens devise strategies to overcome obstacles which may interfere with their overall success. 


To date, over 500 youth have participated, of which 20 have committed to serve as ambassadors to engage other youth, organize future summits and safety efforts, and play a leadership role in this youth-driven event.


Since 2018, the teens of our community have organized this motivational day-long summits. The August event includes workshops on leadership, conflict resolution and other topics relevant to young people as they head back to school in a few weeks. In additional, dance and sports breaks, lunch and a college/career fair keep the students engaged and energizes them as they seize their futures and follow their paths.

Destiny house

Young women are growing up in Flint struggling with feelings of injustice, helplessness, lack of perspective. Many live in environments that can limit their access to education and initiatives that encourage their planning for educational and vocational pathways. As a result, these women do not know how to make realistic life choices, how to acquire skills for employment, and how to find the job they prepared for.

Destiny’s House provides young women, ages 18 – 24, with short-term, stable and adequate housing in a safe, nurturing environment. Our goal is to strengthen the their social, educational and vocational competencies to help them live safer and more prosperous lives.


  •  Destiny House is a short-term program restricted to young adults, sibling groups, with one child.

  •  Young women, ages 18-24, must be open to a support network of educators and mentors to assist with self – sufficiency, increased self-value, and overall worth.

  • Under the guidance of qualified individuals, young women receive life and social skills training to help them maintain a home, budget, prepare for their future and make best choices.

  • The program is centered around goals made by and with the occupants as well as procedural guidelines established by the WOW Board of Directors.

  • Successful completion of this unique program is demonstrated by the participant’s transition to independent housing, secure employment and positive engagement as a resident and citizen in her community. These is the program’s goal.

Holding Hands
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