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Destiny House

Young women are growing up in Flint struggling with feelings of injustice, helplessness, lack of perspective. Many live in environments that can limit their access to education and initiatives that encourage their planning for educational and vocational pathways. As a result, these women do not know how to make realistic life choices, how to acquire skills for employment, and how to find the job they prepared for.


Destiny’s House provides young women, ages 18 – 24, with short-term, stable and adequate housing in a safe, nurturing environment. Our goal is to strengthen the their social, educational and vocational competencies to help them live safer and more prosperous lives.


·     Destiny House is a short-term program restricted to young adults, sibling groups, with one child.

·     Young women, ages 18-24, must be open to a support network of educators and mentors to assist with self – sufficiency, increased self-value, and overall worth.

·     Under the guidance of qualified individuals, young women receive life and social skills training to help them maintain a home, budget, prepare for their

future and make best choices.

·     The program is centered around goals made by and with the occupants as well as procedural guidelines established by the WOW Board of Directors.

·     Successful completion of this unique program is demonstrated by the participant’s transition to independent housing, secure employment and positive engagement as a resident and citizen in her community. These is the program’s goal.




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