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An evening of style and class, WOW Outreach Youth Ambassador’s host their annual Black Tie Event every February in Flint collaborating with local small business owners.

This event celebrates all those who have made the commitment to evoke change in the community, as well as volunteering their time to events that bring attention to the rise in gun violence among our youth. This is a night to celebrate how far we have come as a community and how far we plan to go.

WOW was established in 2007. It stems from the outreach work and efforts of Church Without Walls Ministries.

The mission of WOW is, “To build safe Flint neighborhoods.” WOW Outreach generates conversation around very hard topics, ignites action and collaboration among people and organization and, most importantly, gives hope to youth and families living in historically dis-invested neighborhoods.

WOW was created to connect families in urban communities with vital resources, strengthens the relationship of community leaders and also bridges the gap between law enforcement and the community.

Additionally, WOW strives to foster hope amongst young people who are vulnerable to becoming a victim or perpetrator of violence, works to create violence reduction practices and assists in preventative measures offered within school and community settings.

Media Coverage 
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Flint-area teens celebrate accomplishments at black-tie event



Flint teens celebrate accomplishments at black-tie event



Wow Outreach Black Tie Event 

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