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Community Action Network

Come one! Come All! 


Community grassroot, non-profit, and service agencies come together every other month on the second Saturday of the month to update one another on activities that invite collaboration for the benefit of all Flint residents. Rarely have these meetings ended without immediate actions that find these groups contributing to the needs of others or other collaborations resulting, followed immediately by actions rather than just more talk.


It is a platform to address these current community concerns. Residents use their personal and organizational assets to create action for positive change by using solution-driven methods and best practices.  Using the Strategic Doing Module, participants identify problems, define  opportunities by connecting assets, leveraging resources, and personal strengths. Instead of looking for problem solvers elsewhere, they recognize that leadership stems from within and is an open network where partners equally share responsibility. 


You are welcome to be part of the solution.

Your community organization is welcome to be part of the solution.

Please join us on the second Saturday of every other month. See the current schedule here.


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