Improving Neighborhood Conditions

WOW Outreach engages 50 partners in mowing, cleaning and beautifying properties on the northside of Flint. These vacant properties have been abandoned by the owners and stripped by looters. Tall grass, weeds, broken windows and piles of trash were eliminated by our team to create a safer and more attractive area. More than 89 properties in the 48505 neighborhoods are mowed and maintained regularly including 60 through the Clean and Green program and 15 abandoned homes that were boarded as part of Land Bank’s boarding project.

Through the adult/youth mentorship opportunities WOW has been able to recruit and train local adults as mentors for area youth who are then able to become resident leaders.As leaders these youths coordinate positive youth programs. These programs in turn provide safe and health alternatives for young people and their families. Such collaborations result in the improvement of neighborhood conditions in Genesee County..

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