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about us

WOW Outreach is a community-based, non-profit organization committed to strengthening communities and empowering family systems. Located in north Flint, the organization works with neighborhoods impacted by crime, violence, and other barriers to well-being. 


WOW Outreach's initiatives prioritize neighborhood safety where violence and blight threaten the mental and physical health of residents of Flint, Michigan.


WOW intends to eradicate violence, strengthen youth and families, increase access to the most needed services, and develop strategies to promote and foster safe communities throughout the city. The needs are great, most especially in residents who live near Flint's northern boundary. 


WOW has become a trusted leader for its ability to connect families to resources, increase support and awareness and expand access by collaborating with community partners to help coordinate community outreach for our most vulnerable residents.   


Our mission is to build safe Flint neighborhoods

Our Programs

  • Convene residents to take action

  • Strengthen the relationship between residents and community leaders

Our Impact

  • Bridge the gap between law enforcement and neighbors

  • Enact violence reduction and prevention strategies

Our Advocacy

  • Creating safe places for children and youth

  • Connecting Faith, Time, Talent, and Treasures

 Guiding Principles & Values of Community Development

  • Directly engage residents who can identify, develop and support implementation of solutions.

  • Create an environment that is inclusive and intentional.

  • Ensure transparency in all aspects of WOW operations. 

  • Invest in efforts that lead to sustainable solutions and emphasize leadership development, collaboration and bringing together the strengths (assets) of faith-based entities, community-based organizations, associations, businesses, government, agencies, funders, and citizens.

  • Support solutions that build upon the assets and capabilities of each neighborhood and community through the strengths of individuals, families, and organizations.

  • Mobilize residents and neighborhoods for collective action.

  • Promote open communication with an emphasis on active listening and reaching consensus.

  • Promote a supportive environment that allows individuals, neighborhoods, and organizations to learn and grow. 

  • Model accountability and transparency for residents, donors, and stakeholders.

  • Demonstrate the value of successful long-term partnerships.

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