About Us

WOW was established in 2007. It stems from the Outreach work and efforts of Church Without Walls Ministries.


The mission of WOW is, “To build safe Flint neighborhoods, WOW Outreach generates conversation around very hard topics, ignites action and collaboration among people and organization, and most importantly gives hope to youth and families living in historically dis-invested neighborhoods.” A call to action was made in the local newspaper to residents who had the desire and were willing to work towards positively changing the culture of our neighborhoods, communities, and cities. Residents were asked to “stop talking about the issues of Flint and do something about the issues of Flint”.


Approximately twelve people accepted the call.


As a direct result of their work, Faith, Time, Talent, and Treasures, WOW has developed into an organization which serves as a vehicle to generate conversation around very hard topics, ignite action and collaboration among people and organization, and most importantly give Hope to youth and families living throughout Flint and Genesee County.


WOW connects families in urban communities with vital resources, strengthens the relationship of community leaders, bridges gap between law enforcement and community.


Additionally, WOW fosters hope amongst young people who are vulnerable to becoming a victim or perpetrator of violence, works to create violence reduction practices,  and assist in preventative measures offered within school and community settings.


WOW works together with other community partners to brainstorm and implement proactive strategies, while supporting each other in community programs, services, and events.

Meet The Board

  • Bob Brown


    Bob Brown is an Associate Director of University-Community Partnerships at Michigan State University Outreach& Engagement where he works to connect researchers and community members in partnerships that address critical community concerns.  He champions asset-based community development (ABCD), or asset-based community-driven development as it is sometimes called, a bottom-up way of working with communities that focuses on four foundations:

    1.       It focuses on community assets and strengths rather than problems and needs

    2.       It identifies and mobilizes individual and community assets, skills and passions

    3.       It is community driven – ‘building communities from the inside out’

    4.       It is relationship driven.

    He is also certified by the Strategic Doing Institute (University of North Alabama) as a member of the national Strategic Doing Faculty.  Prior to working at MSU, Bob worked in the United Way System at the United Way of Genesee County, the United Way of Muskegon County, and United Way of Michigan.  He has also worked in Michigan’s aging network and Michigan’s food bank network.


    Bob Brown is a husband and father (his son Desmond is in the 9th grade), is a resident of the great city of Flint and a Board Member of WOW Outreach. Bob is also a core team member of the national Strategic Doing Institute, and helped to found Neighborhoods Without Borders - a network of Flint folks working to dismantle systemic and institutional racism.


    Bob has a master’s degree in public administration from Western Michigan University

  • Omar Young 

    Vice President

    Omar has 25 years of experience includes computer information technology, corporate finance, business management, customer service, insurance, disability, sports training and teaching.   He attended Ferris State University and Mott College for Business Management, also taught and supervised at Baker College of Flint. He is certified in the State of Michigan and State of Ohio for Insurance and Disability.  Mr. Young is also certified with the state of Michigan for Customer service training, Employment training, Employment skills training. With his advance computer knowledge allowed him to work and have great rapport with some of Top Fortune 500 companies in the United States.  His vast insurance and disability knowledge allows him to work with over 20 insurance companies.  Omar has a strong bond with his community and also volunteers at his community schools.  Aside from his extensive background and experience in management of all issues related to Labor Law, Workers Compensation and Information Technology, it's his genuine down-to-earth and eye for detail that drives the Customer First approach to all his business endeavors.

  • Donna Ullrich 


    Donna Ullrich is the author of two children’s books, “I Knew You’d Understand,” self-published in 2017, about manners and “Oh, My Word!”, an early reader book about the power of words published in 2018. Both are available at Amazon.com

    In her role as a university faculty member, she has built a journalism program for the University of Detroit-Mercy, and taught journalism, public relations, and media/First Amendment law among other courses. She is member of the University of Michigan-Flint communications faculty and for 14 years was a member of the University of Maryland University Center faculty teaching proposal writing online to students located throughout the world.

    As a communications professional, she has organized a visit by the president of the United States, written a statement presented to a U.S. Congressional committee, coordinated multi-media messages, facilitated task forces, and managed a variety of special events. She wrote and managed grants worth nearly $2.4 million for a PBS affiliate. She has served as the public relations director for the city of Independence, Missouri, as the director of University and Alumni Relations for UM-Flint, and as director of communications for WFUM-PBS, Flint, Michigan. In 2015, she returned to Flint and teaching at UM-Flint after a stint at Michigan State University for the Vice President of Research and Graduate Studies facilitating multi-university and international grant applications.

    Ullrich volunteers in the community with WOW Outreach and Neighborhoods Without Borders in Flint. She also volunteers with the Election Commission. She is a co-founder of the Flint Youth Film Festival

     She has an M.A. in mass communication from the University of Central Missouri and a law degree from the University of Detroit. Her bachelor’s degree in journalism and theatre were earned at Central Michigan University.

  • Alexis Murphy Morris 


    Alexis Murphy-Morris is a retired from Genesee County Pre-School program. She worked there for over 20 years as a Health Services Coordinator. She was responsible for the health of each child and family that came through the program. She currently is a Court Mediator for the 67th-68th District Courts and Student Advocate. She is a grass-roots volunteer for the Greater Flint area and Genesee County.

    She began her educational career in Nursing that lead her to aspiring a Master’s Degree in Public Administration with non-profit Health Care Administration.

    She has been married for over 48 years, and to unity they have two children, and three grandchildren. She and her husband love to travel and bike riders.  

  • Daphne.jpg

    Daphne K Epps 

    Board Member

    Daphne K. Epps is an Associate Administrator for the Workforce and Economic Development Division of Mott Community College in Flint, Michigan.  Mrs. Epps has fifteen years of experience in higher education and grant funded initiatives; including workforce, career, and grants development; enrollment management; student support services; peer tutoring and mentoring.  She has had the opportunity to inspire, motivate and guide persons towards their future educational goals and or career paths.  Her service is to assist others believing that everyone deserves tenderness and attention while working towards their goals. In her current position, she manages several youth programs: Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG), a dropout prevention program serving youth attending high school.  Summer Youth Initiative Program (SYI) an eight-week Summer Employment and Enrichment Program. for youth ages 14-18, Teen C.E.O. Program is for youth ages 14-18, a summer program that provides Flint & Genesee County youth with the opportunity to take a business idea and develop it into a business plan. The Job Corps Scholars a program that offers Free Career Training to youth 16-24 years old. The program  provides career training opportunities, and The Mott Community College (MCC) "E-Network" a program  that operates as a co-curricular program to support students ages 18 and older, who are taking courses in business and entrepreneurship, or students who simply have entrepreneurial ventures that they would like to explore.


    Daphne has lived in Flint MI. all her life and has been married  27 years with two adult sons. She sits on the boards of WOW Outreach and the YWCA. She loves to travel and spending time with her family.  Daphne is a graduate of the Michigan Community Colleges Leadership Academy. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Leadership and Communication from Rochester University. An Associate Degree in Business from Mott Community College. Daphne’s goal is to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Education with a concentration in Training and Development.

  • Demona Willingham 

    Board Member 

    DeMona Willingham-Davis is an employee of the State of Michigan for over 20 years and is currently working through the Department of Heath and Human Services (DHHS) – Child Welfare Department. She held various management positions within the department and proudly taken on extra tasks as a department chair, mentor, trainer, and committee member. She has a master’s degree in Social Work from Michigan State University and enjoys advocating on behalf of children and vulnerable adults.

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