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WOW Outreach reaches out to neighborhoods of high need who have been impacted by crime, violence, have limited resources, and significant barriers to the most basic services and needs. It is comprised of people from the faith-based community, local businesses, non-profits, community-based organizations, city officials, leaders, and residents from neighboring communities.



Our Vision

To create a community with a zero tolerance for violence by creating an atmosphere of collaboration with community partners, local residents, youth, and families. Youth are connected to positive programs, families are linked to supportive services, leadership and mentorship opportunities are available to all. Awareness is increased, Resources are accessible, and residents are supported.

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Give Hope

We know how great it feels to receive a gift from someone. I believe however the greatest satisfaction comes from giving to others and knowing you have made someone feel happier or made a positive contribution in some way to their life. Make a Financial Contribution Today- support the Cause. There is Power in every Gift, regardless of how large or small. Your Time, Talent, and Treasures help in the mission of, “Creating a Community with a ZERO Tolerance for Violence.”

Are you ready to help change this community, please plan to join us on the second Saturday of the month. Next meeting is Saturday March 8, 2014 at the Neighborhood Safe House located at 643 W. Alma St. Flint 48505.   Starting time is Noon -2 pm.

For more information contact us at (810) 789-7700 or workintwogether@gmail.com.


Safe Summer, Safe Homes, and Safe Communities Campaign.”

Interested in making your Neighborhood Safer, Attend a Community Forum on the 4th Thursday of the month at Northwestern Academy 1:00-2:00 pm., our next meeting is February 27, 2014.


Thank you Parents and Community Partners


Dear Concerned Parent and Community Partner,

WOW Outreach would like to take a moment to thank you for dedicating your valuable time and input at the recent Parent Empowerment Training, hosted by WOW and The Detroit Parent Network in November and December 2013.   Your very presence and voice invited a true sense of progress in the right direction!    Working together, we can become equipped with the knowledge of  right choices for education, access to unlimited resources and  acquired tools needed to nurture  future leaders and young people destined to become agents of change. The intent of this power session is to strengthen and empower one another in establishing a powerful network within local schools and community. It is because of the excellence of concerned parents like you that we can solve  problems while applying solution-driven methods.

Very Best Regards,

WOW Outreach


Thank You, Community Partners
Friday, January 3, 2014

Dear Community Partner,

On the behalf of WOW outreach, we would like to take this time to thank you for your support and generous contributions towards supporting the mission of “Creating a Community with a ZERO TOLERANCE for Violence.” Through your acts of kindness and generosity, hundreds of youth and families have been provided with positive, healthy, and safe alternatives to violence and unhealthy lifestyles through community outreach efforts, strong partnerships ,and community involvement. Please note your help and partnership has played an instrumental role in serving and helping families throughout Flint and Genesee County.

Due to your thoughtfulness, and contributions of positive seeds of hope and life ,WOW has been equipped to educate, empower and provide youth and families with the necessary resources and services right in the heart of the community. Together we increased knowledge, enhanced awareness and continue to “Create a Community with a ZERO TOLERANCE for Violence.”

Thank you for your time, talent and treasures…YOU are a True WOW Factor!


WOW Outreach Board of Directors




Did You Know?

  • 65% of Genesee County residents believe that people in their neighborhood are willing to help their neighbors
  • 19% of Genesee County households participated in a clean-up project or community garden to improve their neighborhood within the last year.



Barack Obama

New Push for Gun Legislation

In Washington, it may seem like Congress has moved beyond gun control. After Democrats’ highly touted background check bill was defeated in a Senate procedural vote last month, lawmakers immediately turned their attention to other matters, like immigration legislation, the budget and — in light of the Boston terror attack — security.

But President Obama and his allies do not plan to let up, with Vice President Biden reportedly preparing to launch a new push for gun legislation and Obama’s campaign arm trying to enlist the public to support the cause.

As opponents of stricter gun laws rallied Friday in Texas for the National Rifle Association’s annual convention, Obama himself used a speech during his visit to Mexico to once again sound the call for new regulations.

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Take the Pledge

Can you make a commitment to be an advocate of Change? Please agree to being part of the solution by filling out the Pledge of Non-Violence Commitment Form.


“WoW is taking a stand in the our community!”

K. Dotson

“The strong leadership at WoW is making a huge impact on the youth.”

J. Brandsford

“Community Action and WoW Outreach are doing a great job to reclaim Flint neighborhoods.”

B. Brown


We Dare 2 Dream


This program helps me by making me happy;
This program just encourages me to be a better person;
This program keeps me out of trouble;
This program has helped me in every way possible;
I have learned to control my anger; This program helps me to think;
This program teaches me to not do bad things;
This program helps because I was struggling and now I’m not;

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